Feedback on our work

  • "Satell.IT specialists transported us [implemented the project on migration of data centers and workplaces] incredibly fast - on Friday they finished work in the old office, on Monday they started working in the new one!"
  • "The programmers [Satell.IT] were connected when the terms were already" burning ", and the delay in the delivery terms threatened large financial losses. Competent well-coordinated work, high quality and reliability of colleagues literally saved the project "
  • "We got the team immersed in our tasks and a clear understanding of the stages of the project - something we did not see in the other two contractors on this project"
  • "Design was done" with a margin ", which allowed us to save the budget for modernization even after 3 years. Although at the end of the project there was a lack of confidence in the chosen technical solutions "
  • "The team [Satell.IT] team raised the SLA Call Center in the first month of its work by 15%. This is a complex result - the work of specialists and a running work accounting system "
  • "The introduction of CRM was only a part of automation - we needed a single system of accounting for all client activity, distributed throughout Russia. Specialists [Satell.IT] managed to "connect" the workflow, CRM, IP-telephony and a set of regulations to solve this problem "
  • "Failover, speeding up performance, virtualization - Satell.IT engineers combined and solved three tasks in one project to modernize the data center. The result is measurable and used every day "
  • "The LMS project made it possible to redistribute the current set of licenses - we reduced the annual volume of renewable licenses by 20%"