Quality Management System

All business processes of Satell.IT are performed in compliance with the internal quality management system, which includes the following principles:

  • Orientation to the goals and objectives of customers;
  • Project leadership - the allocation of project owners;
  • Involvement of all performers;
  • Process approach - use of standards, formalization of all business processes;
  • System management - regular analysis and planning of actions;
  • Constant improvement - work on improvement and optimization with preservation of quality;
  • Decision-making followed by the basis of facts - why are information systems used where the design work is carried out transparently for the Customer;
  • Aiming at long-term relationships is the fulfillment of the Customer's tasks on the basis of a long-term perspective and not on a current benefit;

Satell.IT Quality Management System is certified according to ISO 9001: 2015