Approach to work

The basis of the Satell.IT Client Service is a transparent implementation of the project for the customer and prompt information:

  • Dedicated project manager in the mode of operation close to 24/7;
  • Permanent working dialogue in the Unified Project Management System;
  • Online information on formal details (development of documentation, signing of documents and acts);
  • Line of Support for Quality of Service;
We offer expert support, which can be connected at any stage of the project, but the complete cycle - from the idea to the completion of the implementation looks like this:
1. Forms a business task
2. Defines the resources, terms and budget of the project, takes into account the possibility of including the full-time specialists of the Customer
3. Approves the project budget and deadlines
4. Provides the necessary specialists, if necessary, selects
5. Starts the project
6. Helps to control the execution of the project \ supervises the project
7. Accepts the results of the project
8 Advises on the resource support of technical support, on the development of the project
9. Finish the project
We are ready to "join" at any stage with a responsible attitude to the business objectives of the Customer!